Management Team

Our clinical staff is very well respected in the community and amongst their peers. They have many years of qualified experience and training to support the needs of residents.

The leadership of the Team has garnered kudos from families who have entrusted the care of their loved ones with us.

Our Management & Leadership Team:

Mehdi Sherkat
(604) 982-3710
Director of Care
Leslie Cymet
(604) 982-3700
Assistant Director of Care
Irene Zilinski
(604) 982-3712
Dani Renouf
(604) 982-3790
Director of Support Services
Barb Harding
(604) 982-3714
Director of Activities
Ingrid Viitanen
(604) 982-3713
Information and Tours (604) 982-5851
General Inquiries
(604) 988-4181 then 5