Resident Council Meeting Thursday, November 2nd at 10:45 am.

Capilano Shopping Trip Wednesday, November 8th at 10:00 am.

Parkgate Singers Thursday, November 9th at 10:45 am.

Remembrance Day Ceremony Friday, November 10th at 2:15 pm in the Garden Room.

Artsway Concert Tuesday, November 14th at 2:15 pm in the Garden Room with The Lady Larks.

Carda Creations Thursday, November 16th 11:00 am – 3:00 pm in the Garden Room.

Manor Birthday Social:

Manor 1st Floor will be on Tuesday, November 21st at 1:45 pm.

Manor 2nd Floor will be on Wednesday, November 22nd at 2:30 pm.

Manor 3rd and 4th Floor (3rd Floor Manor) will be on Thursday, November 16th at 2:00 pm.

Lodge Birthday Social Thursday, November 23rd at 2:15 pm in the Activity Room.

The Cub Pack Cub Visit (Cub Scouts) will be on Tuesday, November 28th at 7:00 pm.

Lodge Family Night Christmas Party will be on Thursday, November 30th at 7:00 pm.

Manor 1st Floor Family Night Christmas Party will be on Wednesday, December 6th at 6:00 pm.

Manor 2nd Floor Family Night Christmas Party will be on Wednesday, December 13th at 6:00 pm.

Manor 3rd Floor Family Night Christmas Party will be on Thursday, December 7th at 5:00 pm.

Manor 4th Floor Family Night Christmas Party will be on Thursday, December 14th at 5:30 pm.

Al Foreman will be entertaining at all Christmas Parties.






Our summer barbeques seem like a distant memory now. Fall is the time when we enjoy the warmth of indoor activities and there are plenty of events to keep us busy!

Thanksgiving was celebrated in the traditional way with turkey, dressing, baked yams and of course pumpkin pie for dessert.

Oktoberfest was celebrated with Weisswurst Sausage, Hot German Potato Salad, and Black Forest Cake for dessert. Jill’s Activity Staff served beer for this event. Then Halloween ends the month of October on a rather “spooky” note!

We would like to remind everyone that there are fridges located in each of the lounge areas. They are stocked daily with juice & hi-cal drink, etc. These items are available to all residents; just ask one of the staff to assist you if required. The fridges can also be used to store Resident’s personal food items that need refrigeration. All food stored for personal use should be labeled with the resident’s name and the date it was first put in the fridge. Any outdated food (dairy products, etc.) or items not dated will be thrown out if there is any doubt as to its safety.

Christmas is just around the corner and our first Family Christmas Party will be held on Thursday, November 30th at 7pm for the Lodge Residents & their families. Four more Family Christmas Parties will be held in early December, one for each floor of the Manor.   For more details about each party, please check out the Activities section of this newsletter.



Nutrition Bits & Bites:

Health Benefits of Cranberries

As we enter the fall and winter months, we often associate cranberries with cranberry sauce and turkey dinners at Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings; however, cranberries can be enjoyed in a variety of ways and are very rich in many nutrients! Here are some health benefits of cranberries:

  • Cranberries are a rich source of several vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, E and K1, manganese and copper.
  • Cranberries are a rich source of various bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants, particularly flavonol polyphenols. Some of these, such as the A-type proanthocyanidins, may be useful in preventing bacteria from adhering to human cells.
  • Cranberries have been popular preventative measure against urinary tract infections. A-type proanthocyanidins may prevent E. Coli from attaching to the lining of the bladder and urinary tract. However, a few studies have not found any significant beneficial effects. Not all cranberry products are effective against UTIs. In fact, proanthocyanidins may be lost during processing, making them undetectable in many products.
  • Cranberries contain various antioxidants that may be beneficial for heart health. These include anthocyanins, proanthocyanadins, and quercetin. However, not all studies have found similar results.

A word of caution:

  • Excessive consumption may cause stomach upset and diarrhea because it contains soluble fibers word of caution:
  • They may also increase the risk of kidney stones in predisposed individuals.
  • Raw cranberries taste very bitter and sour. They are most often consumed as cranberry juice, which contains virtually no fiber, and is usually diluted with other fruit juices and sweetened with added sugar.




How to incorporate cranberries in your diet:

  • Sprinkle dried cranberries on salads and cereals
  • Frozen cranberries can be used in smoothies or baked goods

Adapted from

Infection Control

  • Influenza (the Flu)




By the time you read this, our residents and staff should have already had their flu shots. Vaccinations are being done a little earlier this year because it looks as if we will be experiencing a bad flu season, based on the recent flu season in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

It is expected that this year’s flu virus will first appear in November so health officials are recommending that people get their flu shot as soon as possible, especially since it takes about 2 weeks for the vaccine to become effective. For your information, we will soon post where the community flu clinics are being held. Of course, you can also get your flu shot from your doctor or local pharmacy.

Sometimes people who get a flu shot still get the flu but the symptoms are generally milder than if they didn’t have a flu shot at all.

To help prevent the spread of flu, please do not visit if you’re not feeling well. Flu symptoms tend to be quite severe and include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. We ask that you not enter the facility until symptoms are completely resolved. If you must visit, you must wear a mask during the visit and only visit your immediate family member or friend.

  • Gastrointestinal Infection (the stomach flu)

Symptoms of a gastrointestinal infection (commonly known as the stomach flu) include vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain and occasionally fever. Please do not visit for at least 48 hours after the last symptom. A flu shot does not protect you from getting the stomach flu.

Sometimes people get confused about the differences between the flu, or influenza, and the stomach flu. They are actually two completely different unrelated illnesses. The true “flu” is caused by the influenza virus and causes mostly upper respiratory problems. The “stomach flu” is often caused by the norovirus, rotavirus or food-borne bacteria.

Even if you’re feeling perfectly healthy, please always wash your hands when entering and exiting Lynn Valley Care Centre. Hand washing is one of the most effective ways we have of preventing the spread of infection. Hand sanitizing stations are located near all entrances and throughout the facility. Please let a staff member know immediately if you find the hand sanitizer container empty.

Thank you for participating in Lynn Valley Care Centre’s infection control program.





Phone Directory:

(604) 982-3719    Reception

(604) 982-3703    Lodge Nursing Station

(604) 982-3704    Lodge Nursing Station

(604) 982-3716    Manor 1st Floor Nursing Station

(604) 982-3701    Manor 2nd Floor Nursing Station

(604) 982-3711    Manor 3rd Floor Nursing Station

(604) 982-3725    Manor 4th Floor

(604) 982-3706    Accounting

(604) 982-3700    Director of Care

(604) 982-3712    Assistant Director of Care

(604) 982-3790    Dietitian

(604) 982-3713    Director of Activities

(604) 982-3714    Director of Support Services

(604) 982-3707    Assistant Administrator

(604) 982-3710    Administrator